Recital: University of Surrey

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George Butterworth:
From Six Songs From A Shropshire Lad
-Loveliest of Trees
-When I Was One and Twenty
-Look Not In My Eyes
-Is My Team ploughing?

Ivor Gurney:
In Flanders
Severn Meadows
By a Bierside

Ralph Vaughan Williams:
From Songs of Travel:
-The Vagabond
-Let Beauty Awake
-The Roadside Fire
-Wither Must I Wander?
-Bright Is The Ring of Words

– interval – 

Benjamin Britten:
Folksong Arrangements:
-The Salley Gardens
-Little Sir William
-Sally in our Alley

Tom Armstrong:
Opened Spaces:
-London Song
-Song of Inishmaan

Richard Rodney Bennett:
Songs Before Sleep
-The Mouse and the Bumblebee
-Wee Willie Winkie
-Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
-Baby, Baby, Naughty Boy
-As I Walked by Myself
-There Was an Old Lady

Gareth Brynmor John, baritone
Nathan Williamson, piano

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