The Indian Queen

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A fascinating theatrical hype swept through 17th-century London: dramatick opera combined spoken drama with music, dance and spectacular sets. The success of these musicals avant-la-lettre was due to the irresistible music of Henry Purcell. Just before his death, the composer was still involved in The Indian Queen, a heroic drama about the battle between the Queen of Mexico and a mysterious Inca General. The blood-curdling intrigue balances between political drama and family saga, and ends in a havoc that could easily compete with the average season finale of Game of Thrones. Director Guy Cassiers took a leap that few have attempted: he embraced The Indian Queen in all its hybridity and gave it a contemporary interpretation. Together with a star cast of singers and actors, and with Emmanuelle Haïm’s baroque ensemble Le Concert d’Astrée, Cassiers delivers one of the most successful stagings of dramatick opera today.

  • Emmanuelle Haïm CONDUCTOR
  • Guy Cassiers DIRECTION


INCA Christopher Ettridge
ORAZIA Elisabeth Hopper
TENOR Sam Boden/Zachary Wilder, Nick Pritchard, Ruari Bowen,
BARITONE Gareth Brynmor John
BASS-BARITONE Tristan Hambleton
ISMERON Gareth Brynmor John
ZEMPOALLA Eve Matheson
MONTEZUMA James McGregor
ACACIS Matthew Romain
SOPRANO Miriam Allan, Zoë Brookshaw, Rowan Pierce

CHORUS & ORCHESTRA Le Concert d’Astrée

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